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Navi infrastructure Company (NISCOM) provides a comprehensive range of services from concept to completion of the projects for government, semi-government, public sector units, private sector units and owner-to-contractor including concessions, bidding & executing design & build project. Depending upon the need, the company also undertakes specialized design responsibilities by out-sourcing the services to national & international associate companies.

Reconaissance, planning and study

  • Impact on environment and surroundings
  • Cultural and socio-economical visibility
  • Pre-investment feasibility
  • Key and master-planning
  • Interior and exterior design outfits

Survey and investigations

  • Comparing, mapping and topographical surveys
  • Procurement of vital data that may be hydrological/hydrographical/geographical etc.
  • Material survey, freight analysis, soil investigation of surface and substrate, with sample borings.
  • Seismological data analysis, fault zone, identification & geo technical investigation.

Design and Documentation

  • Assessment of client/institutional requirements
  • Architectural design
  • Cost estimation based on preliminary design
  • Working drawings, bill of quantities & cost estimation
  • Technical specification and tender documents
  • Tender evaluation
  • Contract negotiation
  • Specialized scaffolding, centring and construction equipment design

Project Management

  • Contract management
  • Material procurement
  • Operation and maintenance manual
  • Quality assurance, safety and labour welfare
  • Financial advice to federal and non-federal clients and concessionaires
  • Supervision, online monitoring, construction action and executive planning
  • Need-based software programming and planning


Navi infrastructure Company (NISCOM)has highly qualified and experienced and service specialists. It has expertise in the following areas :

  • Architecture, Construction, interior & exterior fit-outs
  • All civil works & structural solutions
  • Electrical and Mechanical engineering Works Power, Bio, solar and wind apart from main source
  • Investment flexibility and legal implications.

Oil & Gas Power Generation

NISCOM collaborates with architects and other related agencies of national and international repute who will be providing state-of-the artarchitecture, design and relevant need-based solutions for the projects undertaken by NISCOM.

The company has highly qualified technical personnel in Project Management and Design. The Project Management team closely manages the projects. The planning and monitoring of the projects is done by using industry standard tools like MS Projects and BIM (Building Information model).

Our company has high competence in taking up work in PMC in the construction projects for

  • Hospital, health care centres and educational buildings.
  • Housing an townships, row housings, tourism sector: resorts and hospitality related works. Villas etc.
  • State of the art public buildings, tech-parks, high-rise buildings like TV towers, chimneys.
  • Civil and structural work of steel plants, Power plants, Solar farms, wind mills, Terminals etc.
  • Irrigation works both major and minor, Lift irrigation, Aqueducts, Super passage, siphons, barrages, spillways etc.
  • Airport and control towers and terminals.
  • Storage Silos.
  • Stadiums and sports centres.
  • Earthen Dams, Filler Dams, Coffer Dams, Concrete Dams, Composite Dams etc.
  • Rural, an Urban water supply and sanitation .
  • Water treatment and distribution systems.
  • Sewage treatment, Chemical effluent treatment.
  • Software solution for civil engineering needs in Government, NGO’s, and Private Sector.
  • Transportation: NH, SH, village roads, tunnels, under passes, runways, docks etc.
  • Training in safety measure for labour and engineers.

NISCOM has strategic alliance available for the following type of project:

  • Solar Energy power generation
  • Infrastructure development
  • Oil & Gas refineries projects
  • Water supply & waste management
  • Bridges, roads, Highways and Expressways Etc